Nordic-Baltic comparative research in mathematics education


 The intention of this project is to build up a network of Baltic- Nordic researchers and research students in the field of mathematics education. The project aims at mobilizing and developing of Baltic mathematics education research community and integrating it with Nordic research community.

 The principal aim of the network is to initiate and carry out three joint comparative research projects:

Comparative study on mathematics teachers’ beliefs– lead by Markku S. Hannula,University of  Helsinki,Finland

Comparative study on the teaching and learning of proof – lead by Kirsti Hemmi, Mälardalen University, Sweden

Comparative study on mathematics textbooks– lead by Barbro Grevholm,University of Agder,Norway

 The network will hold a series of seminars and research workshops in which members will plan, present and discuss their studies. In this way cross-national Baltic and Nordic researchers’ teams will be formed. The planned network is aiming at reaching the following targets:

– to contribute to the development of high-standard research, informed by already present scientific knowledge and expertise at different not-yet connected institutions or researchers in Baltic and Nordic countries;

– to establish conditions for competence development of Baltic researchers in mathematics education by organizing research seminars, carrying out joint comparative research and coordinating the work of local projects;

– to support research training of PhD students and development of young researchers through encouraging their participation in the network activities;

– to develop communication and dialogue with international research community through the networks international publications, the participation of guest speakers at network seminars and the participation of network members at conferences.

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